Azure Farm Venue

established in 1954

Oma and Opa_BJS_6932.jpg

The Azure farm was bought in 1954 by my great grandpa, Friedrich Stelzer. He fell in love with the rich soil and beautiful scenery but most of all in love with it’s potential. He saw it was a wonderful place for people to gather and being mindful of that he added to it’s scenery with ponds, a mechanic shop that doubled as a gathering place for summer camps and meetings, and orchards. Children and adults came to enjoy not only grandma and grandpa Stelzer’s warm hospitality but also the place itself. When the farm was passed down to Opa (my grandfather), he inherited not only land and buildings but also his father’s love for beauty and community. He continued to build on his father’s foundations. Working to improve, he added additional rooms to the former mechanic shop, built many of the buildings on the farm that you see today, and was creative in his farming practices to better utilize the land.

Today, you’ll find Opa carefully tending to his garden or telling stories to the grandchildren who sit in his lap. Meanwhile, his sons carry on the legacy. Nathan continues to farm dryland crops and raise cattle with his sons. David works in the family food distribution business with his children and both look forward to passing on the baton to the next generation.